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#2020Don’tBeLate #buildbackbetter #freethegrid #recoveryandresilience #resilientcaribbean (EBUS) 1.5 degree c report 1.5 special report 2 deg. Celsius by 2050 5 Precepts to Grow a Healthy Global System 6th Great Extinction 10 Ways to Change the World 21st Century Predictions 66 Million Trees die 66million trees die from drought 100% Renewable Energy 100% renewable energy production 350 PPM CO2 TARGETS 2007 COP 13 2015 Lancet Commission 2020 - BELIEVABLE ACHIEVABLE DESIRABLE PART 2 2050 strategy A. K. Saxena abandonement A Brown History of the World ~ Part 1 accelerated accountability Achmad Poernomo Acidification Acidification on the sea Action Aid Policy adapt Adaptation adaptation & mitigation measures Adaptation Financing ADAPTION ADB Adel Abdouli Adriana Downie advocate aecom Africa in Me African Centre for Cities African farming communities african soils afriforum fracking AGENDA FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT agri-industry AGRI-RESEARCH COUNCIL Agrichar and Pyrolysis Technology Agrichemicals agricultural AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT Agricultural revolution agricultural waste Agriculture Agripina Jenkins agroecology AGW Air Pollution Air Quality Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin air to water Air Transport Action Group Alden Meyer Alden Myer Alexandra Bonnet Alexandre Berndt Alex Malawi Al Gore Alicia Harold Carly alien tree clearing Ali Omar ALIX MAZOUNIE Allen Chastanet alternative energy sources Amanda Maxwell AMBASSADOR NAZHAT SHAMEEM KHAN ambition ambition mechanism AmBush ambush gardening collective ambush guerilla gardening collective AMERICA’S PLEDGE Anarctica Andes High Mountain Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP) Andes HiMAP Watershed Andes mountain Andrea Carmen Andre Leu Andrew Griffin Andy Molitor animal agriculture ANIMAL FEED PROTECTION animal health Antarctic Antarctica Antarctic ice loss Antigua & Barbuda aquaculture Aquatronics arable land ARCHBISHOP SERAPHIM Archbishop SeraphimKikkotis ARCHITECTS ARCHITECTURE Arctic Arctic Council Arctic ice Arctic regions Argo Float Program Ari Huhtala Arnold and Porter Arnold Swart Artha Graha Peduli Ashok Ram Asian Pacific Research At& Resource Center for Women ATAG atmospheric change atmospheric CO2 Atmospheric composition autonomous Aviation Azeb Girma bacterial resistance Bainimarama & Schwarzenegger balance Bali Bali Dancers Bali Mangrove Conservation Bambang Susantono BANK REPOSSESSIONS PART TWO Barefoot Social Worker & Eco Activist basic mechanics of global warming Bayer and Monsanto BBC Electrifying Africa in Kenya Beatrice Rabkin Beautiful World Beef beef farmers bee populations bee research Bees Bees and Pollination bees on endangered list Ben Margolis Bennie van Zyl Ben Okri berg river dam Berkely Institute Report Bernard Liedemann Bernie Sanders Bess Tiesnamurti Bez Valley Big Oil Big Polluters bankrolling COP 21 Bio-diverse ecosystem bio-fuel Biochar and BECCS bio energy BioFarm Solutions bioflavonoids biofuel BIOFUELS BIOGAS GENERATORS biomass biomass crops bio mimicry BIOSEQUESTRATION black carbon emissions black fine particulate Soot Blayne Oliver BMW bmw i3 BOBBY LAWRENCE Bonn Bonn Fiji Commitment BONN ZONE Boschendal Wine Estate Boticário Group Foundation Botswana Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University Bramble Cay Melomys Breaking News BREDASDORP AGRI-SHOW Brenden Jongman Brine water Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation BUILDING MATERIALS BUILDING MATERIALS PAPER Building of healthy soils BULA Burden of Proof on Perpetrators Business as Usual Economy Business Evaluation business practices California Campaigner Canada Canadian Mining Canadian Youth Protest CANCUN Cancun Climate Summit 2010 Candy Mostert Cape Town Cape Town City Ballet cape town drought cape town water crisis capitalistic models capture and storage Carbon Carbon-Emissions Carbon-neutral Carbon and Poverty Reduction Carbon Capture & Sequestration carbon cycle carbon diffusion Carbon Dioxide Carbon Dioxide Parts Per Million Rate Carbon dioxide removal CARBON EMITTERS carbon fee carbon management carbon mitigation carbon pricing Carbon Reduction CARBON SEQUESTRATION carbon sink carbon sinks carbon tax Carbon taxes Care for Creation CARICOM CARICOM Secretariat car industry catastrophic implications catch potential Catherine Novelli Catholic CBD CDEMA Cecile Guidote-Alvarez CFC and HFC refrigerant emissions challenge CHANGE Change Agent CHANGE AGENT 9 CHANGE AGENTS CHANGE AGENTS 2 CHANGE AGENTS 3 CHANGE AGENTS 4 CHANGE AGENTS 5 CHANGE AGENTS 6 CHANGE AGENTS 7 CHANGE AGENTS 8 CHANGE AGENTS 10 CHANGE AGENTS 11 CHANGE AGENTS 12 CHANGE AGENTS 15 change lifestyles change the world by watching changing legistions for pro green Charafal Alifal Charles Fraser Charlie Fraser CHARLOTTE HEBEBRAND CHAU LOON WAI chemical fertilisers CHEMICAL INVESTIGATION 2 CHEMICAL INVESTIGATION 3 chemical pollution chemical residues Chemicals chesapeake bay cleaner rivers CHILD RIGHTS Chile China China curbs meat intake China hits peak coal China’s Achievements in Renewable Energy Choices Chris Kasten Chris Loker Christiana Figueres Christopher Fox CHRISTOPHER MARTIUS CiCC CIRCULAR ECONOMY CIRCULAR ECONOMY PART TWO CITIES MOBILITY CITIES TRANSITIONING TO CARBON FREE CITIES TRANSITIONING TO LOW CARBON TWO Clean Air & Energy Policy clean energy Clean Energy Revolution clean environment clearcutting Climate Climate & Development Knowledge Network Climate Action change climate action collaboration CLIMATE ACTION FINANCE CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK Climate Action Plan Climate Action Plans Climate Agreement Climate Alliance Climate Chane News Climate Change Climate Change action plans Climate Change adaptation Climate Change Adaptation Gap Report climate change adaption Climate Change and Health Climate Change Conference climate change elon musk climate change impacts climate change in 12 minutes climate change information Climate Change Institute UK Climate Change lobbyists climate change losses Climate Change News climate change news headlines Climate Change policies Climate Change risks Climate Change Snippets climate change solutions CLIMATE CHANGE TWO climate chaos climate data climate disruption climate drivers CLIMATE FORCING Climate impacts Climate Investment Fund Climate Lawsuit Climate Matters Climate Mitigation Climate Mobility climate modeling climate modelling climate models climate negotiations climate observations Climate Policies climate predictions Climate Protection Climate Report climate science Climate Science Center climate smart agriculture Climate Solutions Climate Strategic Action Roadmap Climate Technology Centre and Network Climate Train Climatic Trends Climatologist Climatology Researcg Group SA cnbc CO2 CO2 emissions Co2GeoNet coal Coal fired Power Plants Coal Fired Power Stations Coal Mines Coastal Ecosystems coastal erosion cognitive dissonance and the green revolution COLIN ATWOOD colony collapse Colorado river Commander Dr Kamal Dien commercial fish stocks Commitments to New Climate Change Regulations communities community community-based community action Community Natural Resource Management Community of Xolobeni composted organic matter compromise congestion Conservation Conservation International constitutional court Constitution needs to be changed CONSTRUCTION consumers Consumption of Meat continuing droughts convective chimneys convert COP 13 BALI COP 16 COP 16 CANCUN COP 17 COP17 COP 17 DURBAN Cop 19 COP 20 COP 20 Lima COP20 Panel Discussion COP 20 USAID COP 20 WWF COP 21 COP 21 CCAC COP 21 in Paris COP 21 Martin Kopp COP 21 negotiations COP 21 PARIS COP22 COP 22 COP 22 coveraage cop 22 jet propulsion lab cop 22 jt reager cop 22 marrakesh COP 23 COP23 COP 23 Bonn COP 23 COMMENT COP 23 PRODUCER COP 23. Full Steam Ahead - Kenya taps into Energy beneath it's Feet cop 24 COP Climate negotiations Copenhagen COP PRESIDENCY COP Snippets Core Issues Core Issue Solutions Cormac Cullinan CORNELL UNIVERSITY corporate accountability Corporate Accountability Int Corporations Corruption Inherent in Government cost of electric vehicle Couga basin E. CAPE Countdown To Environmental Armageddon Country Water Stores cowardly cradle of the mind craig foster craig foster parliament Crime on the High Seas crop farming crops crop yield losses Cultural Heritage culture Culture on the Move CURB EMISSIONS Current climate change Current Impact of Climate Change cyber poaching cyberpoaching DAFF Dakota Access Pipeline dam levels Daniel Kammen Daniel Wiener Dan McDougall data moniotoring Dave Osborne (UN) DAY 12 de-carbonisation Decarbonisation decarbonisation globallly DECARBONISING ENERGY decarbonization December 2018 Katowice Poland decimating world fish Decline in Rhino Population decreased Defective viral money DEFICIT CITIES Deforestation deoxygenation Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Desertification destitute developing countries developing nations Diesel diesel emissions Diesel Vehicles dietary patterns difference dilemma Dimitri Kalitschenro Dipti Bhatnagar Direct Air Capture Dirk Messner Disappearing Phyto-plankton Communities DISASTER DISASTER RISK REDUCTION disconnect Discussion Discussion on Whistleblowers displaced and reduced DISPLACEMENT disruption Distell ditch fossil fuels DOE dominant species exploiting Dominica Donald Trump donald trump and the epa DOUGLAS SHAW Down to Earth: Morocco Dr. Anna Taylor Dr. Carol Turley Dr. Chris Field Dr. Daene McKinney Dr. Elizabeth Jewett Dr. Ian MacCullum Dr. Ilissa Ocko Dr. Jorge Recharte Dr. Keith Paustian Dr. Libby Jewett Dr. Peter Swift Dr. Sergio D. Claure Dr. Thomas Becker Dr. Youba Sokona Dr Anders Levermann Dr Carlos Dora - WHO Dr Chi-Ming Peng Dr Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum Dr Dirk Notz Dr Georg Kaser Dr Gina Radford Dr Hugh Montgomery drinking water DR JAMES HANSEN Dr JT Reager Dr Lynn Wilson Dronetraining Conservation International Suriname ENG Drought drought cape town Drought monitoring drought news drought resistant plants Droughts Drought set to become "New Normal” drought solutions Dr Peter Ardington Dr Saleem Huq Dr Susan Natali Dr Vladimir Ryabinin Dr Warren Joubert Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab DURBAN dysfunctional Human Governance EARTH'S FRONTLINE PART 2 EARTH’S FRONT LINE PART 1 EcoCity Builders Ecological Economy model ecological education programs Ecological Intelligence ECOLOGICAL TRANSITION economic interests eco sensitive ecosystem ecosystemair ecosystem restoration ecosystems Edoardo Croci educate Education Education & Social Collapse efficient techniques for crops and animals electric cars Electricity ELECTRICITY USAGE electric vehicles Electrification of transport El Locos fishing region El Nino elon musk on climate change EMBRAPA EMELEE Environmental Management NGO emergency humanitarian response Emmanual Chisulu - Auditor General Office Zambia Emmssions Endangered Species Energy Energy - Charlie Fraser Energy Exporting ENERGY SECTOR energy storage news Energy Technology systems ENERGY USAGE Enhanced Ocean Uptake ENN enviornmental news environment environmental environmental action Environmental Change Environmental consequences environmental degradation environmental education programs Environmental Impact ENVIRONMENTAL LAW environmentally conscious environmentally sustainable Environmental News Environmental News Network environmental protection environmental solutions EPA Equatorial Forests and the Palm Oil Industry ERA Architects Erik Bergh Ethical Dimension Ethics EU Commission EU delegate EU policy making European Policy Makers for Health European Union European Union implementing Paris agreement with COP23 ev evaporation Event Executive Director SIWI extent and thickness extinction extinction of a species Extinctions extractd natural resources Extraction of CO2 from atmospher extreme weather Extreme weather conditions Extreme Weather News extreme weather patterns FABRICS Facilitative dialogue in 2018 faith Family Services Farmers Farmers in Zimbabwe farming Farming Alternatives Female Hormones in Meat fertility fertilizers Fiji Fiji Commitment Financing Sustainable Infrastructures fire break construction fire prevention training First Photosynthetic Process Developed fish-stocks Fish Crime Fish Crimes Fisheries and Aquaculture FISH iAfrica Fishing fishing communities flood defenses Flood identification flooding Flood prediction floods FOE food food and climate change Food and Security food creation food crop security food insecurity food security food supply food unavailability Forest Forest bio-diversity Forest growth forest management forest preservation Forests Forests and Tiger Rehabilitation fortified city fossil fuel fossil fuel industries Fossil Fuel Industry Fossil fuel power generation Fossil fuels Foundation for Common Good Four Categories at COP Four Categories of Interest at COP fracking Fracking concepts fracking impacts fracking in south africa fracking karoo fracking problems fracking south africa fracking the karoo fracking unmasked Francois Heindricks Free Electricity Free Energy Systems free power freeze French Association Refrigerant Management frequency of disastrous floods friendly practices Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth Int FSC certification fuel subsidies Funding mechanisms fungicides FURNISHINGS future Future Earth future of fish fynbos bees G20 GANDHI Gary Orr gas extraction fracking GCF financing GDP gender Gender equality gender inequalities General Lengoasa Genome GEO data Geoengineering GEO Satellite GEO Secretariat Director Barbara J Ryan geothermal Gerhard Koen German Federal Ministry for Economic Corporation and Development Germanwatch Press Conf Germany germany bans fracking germany bans internal combustion engine Ghana Fish Crime GHG GHG's GHG emission GHG emissions GHG emitters USA & China Gina McCarthy glacial lakes Glaciers global acidification global average temperature Global Carbon GLOBAL CARBON INJUSTICE Global Catholic Climate Movement Global climate effects Global Climate Injustice global CO2 emissions global drought Global Economy Local Self-Sufficiency Global Energy Basel (GEB) global environment global environmental change Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery Global Forest Coalition global GHG emissions global green economy Global Humanitarian Work global ice melts global impacts globalisation Global non-sustainability Global OA Observing Network global ocean acidification Global Ocean Forum global shipping Global sustainability global temperature record global temperatures Global UNCCC Global Warming global warming information global warming news global warming news. environmental news global warming usa Global Warning Global Water Partnership Global Water Stewardship Globa Warming glyphosate in food GMO crops Godwin Ojo governments Government subsidies Government subsidies for the Fossil Fuel industry GRACE GRACE observations Graham Tek Great Barrier Reef greater heating green Green Business green business evaluation Green Climate Fund Green Climate funding Green climate fund status Green Economy Green Energy Future Green Fund finance Green Funding green gold Green Growth Greenhouse Greenhouse Gas Emission Testing greenhouse gases Greenhouse Gas removal GREEN OR GONE GREEN OR GONE 1 Green Peace Greenpeace Green Products Green Renewable Energy Green sustainability Green Technology Greg Stone GROUND TRUTHING groundwater storage GROUP DISCUSSION HOW TO SAVE THE PLANET grown meat guerilla gardening Gunter Pauli Gunther Pauli habitat losses Hadley Center Hans Jorgen Koch Harmony with the planet harvestable forests Healing Health Health and General Well Being on City Dwellers Health lifestyles health of water supply health professionals Health Professionals and the Environment healthy food crop production Healthy landscapes healthy meat heating heat island effect heat record HEAT STRESS Heat waves Heidi du Preez Heinz Kopetz Helena Molin Valdes Helen Zille Helsinki HEMP Hemp is not marijuana herbicides heritage Heru Prasetyo High Carbon Low Efficiency higher sea levels High population growth High Tides Himalayas history HOLISTIC ECO Holistic eco-system homeless honeybush tea Horse-shoe crab hotspots for ocean change how to save water Human-induced extinctions HUMAN CHANGE AND MOBILITY HUMAN DIGNITY humane meat Human Health human neo-cortex Human population explosion human resources HUMAN RIGHTS Human Species hurricane irma hurricane jose hurricane maria Hurricanes hydro Hydro-power hydrocarbon hydrocarbon based fuels Hydrologic Extremes and Global hydrology Iain Keith Avaaz Ian Loots Ian McCallum ICAO INTERNATIONAL AVIATION ice-arc ice-fishing Ice melt ice melt impacts Ice melt in the Himalayas ice packs ice retreat ice volumes Ice with Catastrophic Consequences ICPD idiots guide to climate change IEA IFAD INTERNATIONAL FUND IFOAM IFOAM Organics Int ILEPA IMF Impact of USA Election Impacts of Climate Change Impacts of Food Security Impacts of Human activities Impacts of of Mining Operations Impacts on the Environment Implementing COP Increased droughts Increased temperatures increase of CO2 levels increasing resilience INDC India indigenous Indigenous Environmental Network indigenous forests INDIGENOUS PEOPLE Indigenous peoples Indigenous territories Indonesia Indonesian Center for Animal Husbandry Research & Development Indonesian Minister Indonesian Peatland Ecosystem Restoration Industrial Agriculture Industrial air inernational INFORSE INFRASTRUCTURE Injustice Innovating Cities with Nature-Based Solutions INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP insecticides Inst. of Climate Action & Theory Institute for Environmental Studies Institute of Scientific Analysis Integrated Fire Mgmt Integrated solutions Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development INTERNATIONAL CRYOSPHERE CLIMATE INITIATIVE INTERVIEW International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE ENERGY International Trade Intertanko Inuit invertebrate Investment Investment guaranties IPCC IPCC-AR5 IPCC Charter IPCC climate action IPCC mitigation IPCC predictions IPCC Protest Panel IPCC Risk Assessment Report AR5 IPCC special report Irwin LaRocque Isabel Chinowsky Isis Alvarez island IUCN Ivory Jaco du Toit Jake Schmidt James Hansen Japan Japan using Green Climate Action Funds Jaques Damhuis JASON Jason Sole JAY JAY DEC 2017 JERRY BROWN KEYNOTE jet propulsion laboratory Jeunesse Park Joachim Pilz JOB LOSS JOHAN WOLMARANS STH ENERGY SOLUTIONS John Clarke john d liu John Foran JOHN KORNERUP BANK John Nissen John Schellnhuber John Turner jonathan deal Jon Witlow Joy Shumake-Guillemot JPL jt reager Judy Sole Juliana Ribeiro Juliana vs USA JUST TRANSITION Kaisa Kosenen Kaisa Kosonen Karin Haara karoo fracking KATOS KC Golden Keeling Curve KEITH ALVERSON Keith Mitchell Kemin KEN STUCKE Kenya’s Achievements Kimaren Riamit Kingdom of Sun Kira Vinke Kirsten Bjoru KIRSTEN ISENBERG Kirstin Miller Kirsty Lewis Korea KPMG Kristin Gunnasdottir v Kistowski KRYSTAL TOLLE Kurt Amman Kyoto Protocol land & soil & water preservation Large Scale Electricity Interconnection Latest News Latin America Laura Tuck Laurent Fabius Law Enforcement Law Enforcement and Moving Sushi LEONIE Liangchun Deng Lidy Nacpil Lima Limestone Calcined Clay Cement lithium environmental damage lithium ion batteries Livestock live stock farming living organisms LIZARD SPECIALIST Local Government Paris Local Rhino Trading logging logging companies Lorenze Perissinotto Lorenzo Perissinotto lose biodiversity loss LOSS OF ANCESTRAL LANDS Loss of Food production Lou Leonard Lourens River low latitudes Luke Boshier Lutheran World Federation Madagascar Maddy Churchhouse Maersk shiping Malika Peyrout Mammal Species Extinct management MANAGEMENT LEARNING managing forests man and octopus Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Maneka Sanjay Ghandi Manfred Max Neef Mangrove Swamps Manuel Barange mapping Marcel Cruse Marcus Asner Margie Jarvis marginalised communities Maria Helena Semedo marine biology Marine cloud brightening Marine eco-system devastation marine eco-systems marine ecosystems Marine Engineer marine health Marine life poaching Marine renewable energy marine resources Mark Marcovino Marrakech Marrakesh Mass faunicide mass mobilisation Max Planck Institute Max Planck Institute for Meterology MAY 22 2016 MAY 24 2016 MAY 27 2016 MCII Meat meat without killing animals MEDICINE Megan Simons - Agricultural Research Council UWC melt of the Greenland ice sheet Mercedes Electric Truck Methane methane & CO2 emissions Methane Emissions methane in the arctic stable methane news methane releases methane under reported Met Office Hadley centre Michael Gillenwater Michelin Challenge Design Microbeads microbes microbial communities Micro Irrigation Microplastics microplastics impacts fish growth microplastics in the ocean MIGRATION DENSIFICATION MIGRATION LOSS AND DAMAGE PROTECTION Mines Mining Mining and Oil Minister of Energy Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minute Cement LC3 Promo Mitigation mitigation measures Mohamed Adow Money Money and Wealth Monica Comacho Monsanto monsanto round up morocco mother channel breaking news Mountain Glaciers Mountains MRC Mr Han Huang Mr Michael Myers Ms. Tara Ramanathan - Nexleaf Analytics Ms Biliana Cicin-Sain Ms Helen Davies Ms Jenny Cullinan Ms Karina Larsen Multinational Banks Mussels Nalini Singh NASA NASA Hydrology Satellite nasa satellite nasa satellite observations Natalia Greene from Ecuador Natalya Gallo natural Natural disasters natural insect control natural microbes Natural Resources and Communities natural systems natural water Nature Based Solutions Nature is speaking NBS Ncobile Nkosi NDC Negash Teklu negative impacts Nelson A. Lagos Neo-classic Economics Neo classical economics NET ZERO EMISSIONS Neutral Carbon Dioxide Output New Mexico Power New Nordic Climate Sessions news headlines News Summary Nickel mining Niclas Hallstrom Nigeria night time solar panels nissan leaf nitrogen niversity of Reading NOAA NOAA Ocean Acidification noaa satellite data NO ACTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE non-corrupt system non-governmental non-intoxication non-racism non-sustainable Business as Usual Model NORAD Nordic Climate Solutions Nordic Energy Research North Face Solar Norway Norwegian Fishing Ministry and Interpol Not killing NRDC nuclear nuclear power Nuclear Power Plants nuclear power vs renewable energy nutrient mining nutrients Nutrition Nutrition for Health Obama administration observing initiatives observing systems OCEANA Ocean Acidification ocean acidificationCOP 16 Ocean currents Ocean Dead Zones ocean eco-systems Ocean Life Oceanographer Oceanographic Institute Report Ocean Pollution Ocean resilience ocean rise Oceans Oceans - Part One Oceans and Climate OCEANS IN CRISIS PART 1 OCEANS IN CRISIS PART 2 ocean surface acidity Ocean Teacher Global Academy ocean temperatures Ocean Warming octopus teacher OECD OECS Secretariat Oil & Gas industry Oil Conspiracy oil industry Oil Pipeline oil production onshore kelp harvesting open pit desalination Operator Optimal land use Organic Organic acids Organic Farmer Organic Farming organic fertilizers Organic food Organic Growing Soil Organic Permaculture Organic vine cultivation Organised Crime organisms Oslo our Children's Trust Our Environmental Dilemma over exploitation Overpopulation Owen Gaffney Ozone layer Pacific ocean PACJA Ethiopia Palmiet Dam palm oil palm oil plantations Panel and Discussion Pa Ousman Jarju PAPER Para Agua Project PARIS Paris 21 goals Paris 2015 Part 3 PATRICIA ESPINOSA Paul Beckwith Paul Steele Peatlands Peatlands & Wetlands pelagic fish Pelham Jones Pension Funds People PEOPLE ACCELERATOR GROUP People of faith PEOPLE’S EFFECT ON THE PLANET people’s homes Permaculture permafrost Permafrost Carbon Permafunk Peru Peruvian Fishing Peruvian Local divers pesticides PETA Peter Dorward Peter Wadhams Petroleum Industry Lies Petrol Vehicles Phasing out Fossil Fuels Philippines Photos phytoplankton pick n pay PIK pink snow Pitt Lands planet Planetary Health Planetary Health Commitment Planning and Protection Coastal Agency plastic pollution plastic pollution news Plastics Plymouth Marine Laboratory Polar Ice Polar Ice Melt polar ice melts Polar Ocean Physics Polar Thresholds POLICY MAKING. IRENA political unrest politicians politics Pollination polluting corporations Pollution polycentric cities population growth positive Positive Cycle Potsdam Institute Poverty Poverty alleviation Power Africa power of individual choice PRACTICE-BASED MODELLING Premdut Koonjoo PRESIDENT OF UNFCCC PRESS BRIEFING Press Release Prince Charles Priscilla Jakwa Private Rhino Owners probiotics productive productivity product movement Prof. Hugh Montgomery Prof. Maaroufi PROF. RATTAN LAL Prof. Ros Comforth Prof Benedito Braga Professor Mark New Professor Randolph Haluza PROF GREG LONDON Prof James Burleigh Prof James Hansen Prof Jan Glazewski Prof Mohammed Boulif Prof Patrick Rampal pro fracking lobbies progress on implementation protect forests Protection of forests public and private finance PUBLIC SPACES purity Question Time R60bn constitutional challenge Rabbi Yonatan Neril RAC-France Rachel Kyte RADM.Titley rainfall anomalies Rain Forests Raising for Climate Change Raman Mehta Ramaswamy ratify Raymond Ruyoka RCP - Representative Concentrati RCP 2.6 real-world observations receding glaciers Recharging local aquifers recycle recycling REDASDORP AGRI-SHOW Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre REDD+ reduce atmospheric CO2 levels reduce fires reduce the risk Reducing Carbon Emissions reducing CO2 emissions REDUCING EMISSIONS Reducing Methane Emissions Reducing the Carbon Footprint of UK Health Sector Reduction Reduction of Methane Reflooding of Peatlands reforesting the desert Refrigerant Association France REFUGEE PLANNED RELOCATION Refugees Religion Religious Role RELOCATION REMOTE SENSING DATA renewable Renewable and Approriate Energy Laboratory Renewable Energy renewable energy funding renewable energy news Renewable Energy sector Renewable energy source renewables Renewable vs Oil repairing environment repossess research research grants resilience resilience in crops Restoration RESTORATIVE PRACTISE restore land Reverse Osmosis revolution Rex Tillerson Rhino Poaching Rhinos Richard Betts Richard Branson Rights of Indigenous Peoples Rights Of Nature Rising Sea Levels Rising Tides river flows Rivers ROB BERTRAM ROBERT MADJITA Robin Mbae ROBIN VAN WYK robust science Rockefeller foundation Roger Godwin Role Of Farmers roosevelt skerrit round up royal dutch shell Rozendal Permaculture Farm Rural Russell Weston SA Sahara Desert salinity Samantha Smith Sao Paulo Satellite food crop monitoring Save the Planet Scalability in Climate Change Science Solutions SCIENCE TO ACTION scientific Scientific Agriculture scientific institutes Scientists: Window for avoiding 1.5C global warming ‘closed’ Scott Pruit scott pruitt Scripps Inst. SCRIPPS INST. OF OCEANOGRAPHY Scripps Oceanography - CO2 Increase Scripps Oceanography @ COP 23 Scripps Oceanography Intro sculptor SDG sea harvesting sea ice retreat Sea level rise Sea Rise and Ocean Solutions Seatrust Institute Secr. for Sanitation and WAter Resources Seeds sequestering carbon. Severe drought in South West USA Severe Malnutrition Sexual Reproduction and Health Rights shale gas fracking Shell Shipping Shipping Industry CO2 emissions Shock Siemens Sierra Leone Sing Sioux Tribe SLAPP’s Slave Labour and Asset Seizure slow warming Small-holder Organic Farming Smallholder Farmers Small holder farming small island states SMAP Smart Fish Social/Environmental Integration social crisis Social Fermentation socialistic social responsibility SOCIAL UPHEAVAL society soil soil-waterways-ocean pollution soil absorption soil biomass Soil erosion soil fertility soil health soil management soil microbes SOIL ORGANIC CARBON SOIL POISONS soils Soil Scientist SOILS OF AFRICA soil tillage report solar solar by day and night solar electricity solar energy Solar Farms Solar Panels solar panels by night solar power solar power news solidarity Solutions sonar plots Sophie Kivlehan South African banks South African wild bees Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observatory south pacific South Pole South Suriname Conservation Corridor ENG Special Projects Spiral Earthworks spiritual Spiritual Consciousness Spruce Trees SPVS St. Denise in Paris St. Kitts & Nevis Standard Growth Standing Rock State Grid Corporation of China state of the dams State of the Environment Stefan Raubenheimer Stephen Fomba STEVE MECINSKI PART ONE Stewart Scott Stockholm Stockholm Centre for Resilience stop climate change Stop Illegal Fishing Storms of my Grandchildren strategies stressors Stuart Scott student resource heat island effect student resource urban heat island Sub-surface SUBSIDIES Sumara super efficient solar cell Supermeat Super typhoons SUPPLY CHAIN supply chains supply demand Suriname Suriname - Land of Many Colors sustainability sustainable Sustainable and Ethical Finance Banking Sector in SA Sustainable Cities Sustainable community sustainable conservation farming sustainable consumer behaviour Sustainable Development SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT WATCH sustainable Green Economy sustainable livelihoods Sustainable living environment SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT Sustainable marine resource harvesting Sustainable practices Sustain Our Africa Sustain Us Sweden Symposium SYSTEMIC & BEHAVIORAL CHANGES SYSTEMS Ségolène Royal Taiwan talanoa dialogue Tamar Lawrence-Samuel Tanay Sidki Liyar tangier island TARGETS Tar Sands Tech in Agriculture technologies technology Technology and Prospects for Cross-regional Power Networks technology breakthrough Ted Turner Telling the truth temperature Temperature Increase temperatures below 1.5C TERI Terrestrial water storage tesla tesla electric vehicle THE EARTHWALKER theewaterskloof Theewaterskloof Dam THE EXPERTS SPEAK The Importance of Water in Climate Change the microplastics cycle Theo de Jager the origin of man The Paris Agreement the renewable revolution Theresa Anderson Thermal power THE SAME GOAL WORLDWIDE The Story of Carol González The Surfboard Fin That’s Saving the Ocean Thomas Brose Time for Revolution Tipping Point Tiy Chung TLU SA Tobile Khumalo - WLTOL Womans Leadership Program KZN Tomás Insua top water saving products top water saving tips Torgny Holmgren Tornado season Tor Wisler Toxic Chemicals Toxic Junk Tracker tradition traditional lifestyles transatlantic current transformation transition Transkei transparency TRANSPORT transportation tropical Tropical rain forest trump trump and climate change trump supporters vs eco sensitive states Turkish NPO Tzu Chi Foundation UB-IEFE UCT UCT summer school UCT Summer School Series Uganda Ugo Guarnacci ujubee UK Pavilion UN uncertain future UN CLIMATE CHANGE undermined undersea ranges Under Secretary of State UNDP UNEP UNESCO unfair Bank repossession UNFCCC UNICEF CLIMATE CHANGE AND CHILD RIGHTS UN Indigenous speaker Union of Concerned Scientists United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Planet Faith & Science Initiative United Planet Faith and Science Initiative University of Cape Town UNIVERSITY OF CAPE TOWN RESEARCH SCIENTIST University of Innsbruck UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY - MALAYSIA unsustainable up- cycling upwelling Upwelling system urban food gardens urban garden urban gardening Urban GreenUP urban heat island urbanisation URBANIZATION Urgency URGENT INCLUSIVE ACTION USA USA and China biggest emitters USAID USAID BUREAU usaid water projects USA Oil US Attorney - Prosecutor Benghuis Case US Center Panel Speakers US Centre US CENTRE YOUNG SCIENTISTS USDA Agency US Dept. of Agriculture US Dept. of States US government implementation US Midwest Water Crisis US President Obama Vacuum distillation Value Chain Vanessa Turner vanishing Various Vasuda Foundation vehicles Veronica Paeper Victoria Tauli-Corpuz Vietnam Viioleta Gordeljevic - HEAL waking the sleepers Walker Inst Walter Oyhantacabal Warmer atmosphere Warmer surfaces waste Watch this Water water adaptation Water and Environment water and sediment soil samples water and soil pollution Water desalination water efficient irrigation Water Ferret Water Harvesting Water management water news water partnerships Water pollution water risks water saving water saving products water saving south africa water scarcity Water Security Water sharing water shortage water shortages Water Storage Wave Chasers way of life WBGU WECAN weed control technologies WESSA MEMBERS YOUTH Western Cape Wetlands whale hunting what is the heat island effect what is urban heat island WHO WHO Climate and Health why nuclear why renewable wild bee Wild Bees Wild Bees in SA Wildlife wind Wind Power wine & food crop losses WMO WMO signs cooperation agreement with UN Climate Change Woman Environmental Program Women WOMEN'S CLIMATE ACTION NETWORK PART TWO Women and Gender WOMEN CLIMATE ACTION PART ONE wood harvestors Woods Hole Research Centre World Bank World Bio-energy Association World BioEnergy Association world food production world leaders World Meteorological Conference WWF WWF - SA WWF SA Sustainable Seafood Initiative Yellow Sea Dolphin Youth Climate Activists Youth delegation YVES DE BOER zero zero emission ZERO EMISSIONS Zewdu Eshetu zodiac