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This episode in the breaking news part of mother channel spends a day with Luke Boshier at his beautiful garden house. He is growing his own vegetable farm in the greenhouse and he seems to be cultivating some beautiful veg.


With a wonderful selection of beetroots, baby marrows, sweet potatoes, potatoes and many more Luke is showing how you can grow a beautiful greenhouse on your own. The carbon rich soil that Luke is using in his greenhouse means that he doesn’t have to water as often as he was used to. This is something he had to adapt to, as he was a habitual water user.


Luke tells us how he uses local soils, goat and rabbit droppings but he insists that carbon is rich in the soil and really helps the crops to grow. We use this example to compare to the townships and how people could use the space that is there to grow their own food and be self-sufficient. Moreover Luke talks about the psychological change that has happened to the general populous of the world with the focus on chasing profit and not working with the natural resources that we are given.


Mr Boshier has converted a 6×12 piece of land into an abundant crop display that can feed himself and his family and have much leftover. He really is a special example of how with a bit of energy and the right seeds, one can create your own mini supermarket of beautiful foods. Townships all over Africa would be delighted if they could have their own greenhouse that they can self sustain.


Again the key to this becoming adopted more widely is education and the passing down of knowledge from one to another. In the links below are some good step-by-step guides on how to create your own greenhouses and grow your own food so you too can be self-sustainable.


Lins: https://www.thebalance.com/free-greenhouse-plans-1357126 , http://homeguides.sfgate.com/plants-grow-better-greenhouses-47175.html , https://www.planetnatural.com/greenhouse-kits/

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