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COP 20 Interview with head of REDD+ Management Agency Heru Prasetyo

COP 20 Lima Interview with REDD+ Management Agency Heru Prasetyo who reports to the President in a similar position as a minister, Mr Prasetyo discusses: Halting deforestation for Palm Oil Plantations in spite of increased global market demands with better plantation productivity. Reflooding of Peatlands to reduce fires, methane and CO2 emissions.

Mr Heru Prasetyo provides a great pragmatic approach to dealing with deforestation and the expansion of the palm oil industry. This is critically important because as the palm oil industry has massive consequences for deforestation in various islands around the Indonesian chains. He provides insight into the state of the natural forests in Indonesia and counters much of the sensationalist news regarding complete deforestation that is being circulated by mainstream media. Ultimately it comes down to management of the palm oil industry and protection or retention of existing forest/jungle spaces.

The irony that Indonesia has to deal with is that the western world is both demanding an increase in palm oil production but also a reduction in deforestation. His strategy for this is based around increasing the productivity of existing supply rather than clearing more areas for production. Ultimately though the continued expansion of the palm oil industry is unsustainable as there are insufficient areas of land available for cultivation of palm and even if all the areas land were in use it would not be able to cater for supply.

Mr Prasetyo also briefly discusses the issue regarding peat fires, some of which have been burning for years due to loss of water in the area. He is confident that it will be brought under control, for more information read the following:

Peat Fires – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peat

Mr Prasetyo – http://www.cifor.org/forestsasia/speaker/heru-prasetyo/


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