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Jason Sole of Motherchannel interviews Gregory London the professor of epidemiology from UCT. This interview is very interesting as this man has inside knowledge and is very informed. The professor tells us that there are fewer labs to test for new problems. He tells us that there is a low ...

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SA Wild Bees Part Three – Biodiversity and Habitats

In our follow up interview with bee researcher, Ms Jenny Cullinan, (co-founder of UJUBEE), we covered Disease in bees, Artificial insemination versus natural breeding and Self medicating to maintain healthy immune systems in the colonies, and in this final interview we conclude with protection of bees (legislation), biodiversity and healthy ...

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South African Wild Bees Part One – Ms Jenny Cullinan

Wild Bees in South Africa Image

South African Wild Bees (Part One) Mother Channel interview with bee researcher, Ms Jenny Cullinan, co-founder of UJUBEE, an environmental team who conduct research on South African wild bees in the wild, mainly in the Fynbos rich regions of  the Cape, South Africa. We have been researching South African wild ...

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Steve Mecinski – Part One

Mother Channel – - Steve Mecinski

As it says in the title this video sees Steve Mecinski talk to us about conservation and other subjects including what he does to prevent poaching. There are a big team of poachers that make patrols around the park to check for poachers and even the use of drones to ...

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