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Green Gold – How to restore damaged ecosystems

I had heard about John D Liu before and have often been advised to watch his you tube show Green Gold. Finally after an age (literally 5 years) I got round to watching it. What a revelation it was, basically not only an indication that we can restore damaged ecosystems but also a shining light of hope for the future.

What sickens me about this movie is that it has only got 700k view. 700k after 5 years of been flighted. Compare this to a young you tuber pranking his girlfriend earning 6 million views or having a chat about buying a new ferrari for christmas (true story) earning 128 million views. What? A guy who releases a movie showing how we can fix the planet or rather restore damaged ecosystems gets out viewed by some air headed prank movie? Sadly this is a representation of all that is wrong in the world. Its also an indication that the youth of today cannot hold a previous generation wholly responsible when they choose to ignore gifts like this movie actually is.

In my opinion it should be required watching throughout the school curriculum and have its principles included in exams if only to show that there is real hope in restoring our damaged world.

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