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COP 23 DAY 12 The Story of Carol González

Mother CHannel | COP 23 DAY 12 The Story of Carol Gonzalez

Who will stop ‘this madness’ of climate change, ‘if not us, then who, if not now, then when?’Yeb Sano From our territories in the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Asia and Africa we fight to protect tropical forests threatened by illegal logging and mining, oil extraction, land invasion, drug traffic, monoculture, construction of ...

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COP 20 Presenter on Organic virus free crop seeds

COP 20 LIMA Presenter on: Importance of organic virus free crop seeds, companion planting trees, fruit trees and food crops which create a more bio-diverse ecosystem and resilient farming base. Recommendations on best practices of seed sources and collection. Combining conservation with restoration efforts

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Boschendal Wine Estate, pioneering the transformation from conventional chemical based cultivation, to complete Organic vine cultivation and Organic Permaculture food crop farming, including newly developed natural insect and weed control technologies. The management of the estate talks about organic vine cultivation, organic food crop farming and includes newly developed natural ...

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Concerned Citizen – Chemicals and their Impacts on Earth

Mother Channel | Concerned_Citizen

This episode see’s a Concerned Citizen talking to us about how chemical spraying affects people and animals. Stellenbosch and surrounding areas suffers from agricultural drift. The Concerned Citizen tells us that big companies have vineyards right in the town and there is a university experimental farm that has vineyards on the ...

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