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The news from the recent COP23 event in Bonn is that the public seems to be taking the power back into their own hands. Despite the USA having withdrawn from the Kyoto Climate Chane agreement and being the only nation not to sign, the US sent a delegation to the COP 23 to say that up to 85% of the country was still in. they would still adhere to the requirements to reduce their carbon footprint.

This move to replace governments lack of action with public action is also happening in Cape town where as far back as 2009, the local government knew about the pending water shortage and did absolutely nothing about preparing the country for it.

A lot of people taking the power back. They are organizing their own water doing things that the local government should have done long ago.

Beaufort West, Knysna is already far ahead in water problem and Beaufort West is plugging their underground water.

In the meantime, the national government is trying to put the people in South Africa `1 trillion rands in debt to put in nuclear power ( which won’t be ready for a long time). They are ignoring renewable because they say it is expensive. It is only expensive because they put in the clause saying that any offer should be only from experienced solar operators. Since this is the first, NERSA’s putting in the clause only experienced was making them dependent on the greedy foreign tenders.

Mother Channel did an expose on the carcinogenic poisons that are in our water and going into our food as well as Roundup. Who are we employing to protect ourselves and our future health when the government is permitting these poisons to be sold openly on the shelves and bringing us expensive dangerous energy sources. They sell us to the highest bidder.The government keeps us focussed on silly things like football and other things which are not relevant.

At the end of the climate change conference in Bonn, 15 436 scientists signed a document which said unless you change, we are going to have irreversible events in terms of climate change. They fail to see the link between the droughts that are happening right now and climate change. At what point would you allow yourself to be convinced that climate change is the biggest thing we are facing. People who have spent their whole lives studying.

At COP the top people in the world are talking but only to a handful of people.

Norway and Canada pretend to be climate neutral but it is exporting oil to other countries. Their product is creating dirty air somewhere else.

A report came out that had been tracking flying insects for 25 years. They say that in 25 years, 76% of all flying insects have disappeared. They say they don’t know why but we all know it is because of chemicals and the fact that governments will allow anybody who has enough money to come in and bribe them. We cannot recreate an insect biomass. If we lose the insects, we are finished. In 25 years we have lost 76%, how many years will it take to have no more insects – disrupts the food chain, birds fall out and the world dies.

We need to take our power back and start to rely hardly at all on the governments.

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