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Interview with Reyno De Beer and Judy Sole: Episode 2

Reyno: What gives them pleasure? Whatever they are doing towards us… They are laughing at us… They are crying with us… We are basically a soapy to them, and that is what they like and that is what they want to keep on doing. As long as they can tell us to wear the mask, they can have a laugh afterwards and say the mask is doing sweet boggerall. It is entertainment for them.

Judy: It’s a sign of power over intellect.

Reyno:  It’s all about showing their power, and we know when there’s some scarf or something over your mouth, it means to them that you don’t have a voice. You don’t have power. We are in control. As long as we can defy the lock down regulations, and I hope that I can help to tell people how we can defy it legally. Before I get to that point, the main thing is that if you go to your shop owner and tell them that you want them to stop enforcing the law, you don’t want them to continue being the law enforcers for the government. If we convert one shop, tomorrow it’s two and the other day it’s three…

Reyno concludes with saying:

The best thing that for us to do is to have a proper counter to these anti propaganda channels that we can do to pursue this. We need to start spreading the news, the real actual news, so the people can start having the two options… Is there a Covid19 disease or is there not. They need to start making the realization for themselves or not. We have reached a point whereby we say that we are not going to go and try to convert people to believe that Covid19 is a scam. If anyone believes that there is such a thing as Covid19 and that it’s deadly, then let them be. We need to start looking at those who know it’s a scam. We need to take those people and start putting them in the same group and protect their rights. All the others can follow the moment they realise they have been deceived, they can join us, but we need to stop saying that we are going to fight the information out there. Our time has expired. We need to move on to the next level of survival. We need to start looking at if they succeed, what are we going to do. What are we going to do to prevent our children from being vaccinated by whatever they are trying to give to us. What are we going to do to safeguard us against a health pass, which is going to come out that is in the making. All those things, we need to plan ahead. They’ve already packed the table for us, and it’s for us now to serve the meal, and continue with what we should do.

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