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COP 23 DAY 12 Pitt Lands

Mother Channel | COP 23 DAY 12 Pitt Lands

This discussion has members from the UNFCCC and she talks about how to preserve Peatlands forest. Scientists have discovered the world’s largest tropical Peatlands in the remote Congo swamps, estimated to store the equivalent of three years’ worth of the world’s total fossil fuel emissions. The main issue is about ...

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Green Growth in Sierra Leone

Mother Channel | COP 23 | Green Growth in Sierra Leone

This video is about green growth and using Sierra Leone as an example. Since civil war Sierra Leone has made massive growths but still a lot more is needed to be done. A decade after peace and Sierra Leone has come up with a 5 year plan for development. The ...

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BBC Electrifying Africa in Kenya

Mother Channel | COP 23 | BBC Electrifying Africa in Kenya

This video sees BBC investigating journalist Tom Heap traveling Africa and discovering how they intend to get electricity to satisfy demand which currently massively exceeds supply. Science is at the core of the solution with Geo thermal energy production   potentially solving the country’s electricity problems. When traveling around the Great ...

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