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COP 23 DAY 12 Pitt Lands

Mother Channel | COP 23 DAY 12 Pitt Lands

This discussion has members from the UNFCCC and she talks about how to preserve Peatlands forest. Scientists have discovered the world’s largest tropical Peatlands in the remote Congo swamps, estimated to store the equivalent of three years’ worth of the world’s total fossil fuel emissions. The main issue is about ...

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Unpacking the topic of climate change

Mother Channel | COP 23 DAY 12 SLAPP’s

This video talk initially about what we really need to make climate change awareness more noticeable and how we can achieve it. Key words to be discussed are: up scaling, sustainable, changing climate and homogeneity. There are so many different facets to climate change and ensuring a whole understanding of ...

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COP 23 DAY 12 Scalability in Climate Change

Mother Channel | COP 23 DAY 12 Scalability in Climate Change

In this video Naomi Ages from Greenpeace and who is also a USA Attorney talks about stopping attacks against environmental defenders. There have been horrific incidents of physical abuse to people who go out of their way to protect the climate. Strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) which is a ...

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A welcome speech by Al gore wasn’t as warm as people wanted as he was delivering some devastating news. He discusses the question of “can we change” followed by “will we change”. Having a famous actor always helps to capture the attention. Amazing images from around the world show how ...

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Scripps Oceanography – CO2 Increase

Mother Channel | COP23 |Scripps Oceanography - CO2 Increase

This video gives you a brief explanation of the “Keeling’s curve” and how it came about.  The Keeling Curve is a graph that plots the ongoing change in concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere since the 1950s. It is based on continuous measurements taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii ...

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Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin

Mother Channel | COP23 | Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin

This video shows you what the end result can be when institutions that really care about air quality team up for a mission together. The mission was to examine air quality and its effect on public health, climate and natural environment. The cruise was 10 weeks long and followed a ...

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