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I’ll start by asking the question that Martin said his sister was asking as to why we meet together, why should people who agree meet. For me, it’s a very simple thing. The reason why we meet together, is because Iron sharpens Iron. There are so many people who are ...

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Dr Stefan Lanke

Interviewer introduction: If something is not scientifically defined, it is not legally definable. I believe that’s the center of everything that is going on currently in the world. Perhaps in the first ten minutes, could you outline so that our un scientific friends, including myself, could understand the 7 virus ...

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Dr Rashid Butthar

I have a very fond memory of South Africa. I almost moved to South Africa about 4 or 5 years ago, but I decided to go to New Zealand instead, and thank god I am not in New Zealand right now because that is probably the worst place on the ...

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