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Concerned Citizen – Chemicals and their Impacts on Earth

This episode see’s a Concerned Citizen talking to us about how chemical spraying affects people and animals.

Stellenbosch and surrounding areas suffers from agricultural drift. The Concerned Citizen tells us that big companies have vineyards right in the town and there is a university experimental farm that has vineyards on the grounds of one of the big boy’s school’s

This is a major educational centre with so many young people utilising the area, it seems a silly mistake top use such powerful chemicals near so many young adults that haven’t even finished growing and whose bodies will be taking in the nutrients from surround areas at least through air and coming into contact with the soil.

The Concerned Citizen says there is a “daily onslaught” of chemicals from supermarkets, roads, farms and so there are lots of insecticides being sprayed along with other bad things. Many older people as well as young people end up in the clinic because of things they are inhaling. If you think that when these youth are playing sport’s they are inhaling far more air around them than usual and this means a higher oxygen intake.

The Concerned Citizen remembers when her own daughters were right next to the rose garden in high school and the worker came to spray toxic insecticides which are very harmful. It seems that worker and the companies that the workers work for have very little knowledge about how harmful the chemicals they are using are. The chemicals can even affect the reproductive organs which is a disaster.

Doctors themselves have told patients that there is a long queue for the cortisone injection and they know full well why people are getting ill yet nothing  significant seems to be done about tit. In addition the cortisone injections only last a matter of months before you have to go back for another one and there are also side effects. People with pre-existing health conditions like asthma and other things are going to be aggravated by the inhalation of these chemicals.

The Concerned Citizen believes from her own observation that thin people seem to suffer more. This could well be true as the thin people may not have the fat reserves or meat on their bones to fight against it. Moreover there is a lot of chemical waste that’s going into the rivers and the Concerned Citizen noticed that the water systems smell like they have been filled with insecticides. This is something we really cannot continue with as it’s going to damage the health of those coming to visit and our current residents.

To finish with we must encourage more organic farms or teach those farmers that are still using chemicals to use organic products instead. Once the farmers realise there actually won’t be any change to their yield or productivity they should be motivated to use the organic products. Only a few organic farms exist in the Cape Town area but they exist alongside the non-organic farms and yield the same while not damaging the environment and people’s health.  The Concerned Citizen notes that there is a company now using organic products and has gone international they are called “Agri-organics” and they are in the links below.

Agri organics only uses organic compost and soil fertilizer that’s manufactured in Grabouw. Moreover they offer a delivery service in the Western Cape so maybe it’s time that the companies in Stellenbosch start to use their products and care more about the health of their citizens. Its time for the Winelands farms order the products from these types of companies and become more ethical. Please see the links to the websites below for fully organic produce.

Links: http://www.agriorganics.co.za/ , http://www.oroagri.com/


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