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Climate Change in South Africa: How Bad Can It Be? (Part 1/3)

Let’s face it Mzanzi, Climate Change is something we have been blue ticking for far too long. But you can’t ignore messages from mom forever, and by mom, I mean Mother Earth. With extreme weather events coming at us faster than the Public Protester loses court cases, and this past July being the hottest month in recorded human history, again. People around the world are protesting in there thousands and demanding action, but here in SA, we have been a bit busy. As we will see in our upcoming episode, there is actually more activism in SA than you might think. But climate change seems pretty low on the agenda for most South African’s. Could it be because we have no idea just how bad things are, and how much worse they are going to get? Let’s get Aweh. Climate change might be trending in the news a lot lately, but we have known about it for a long time guys. Scientists around the world now agree that humans are causing the planet to heat up. We have already heated the planet by about 1 degree. In 2019 we are starting to realise that the ice caps melting is just the beginning. To understand how people across Africa are being affected I spoke to Makoma Lekalakala, an activist and 2018 winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize: “Africa is affected more than all the other continents. We are experiencing drought in such that we are food insecure and poverty is being extremely exacerbated. And also through territorial wars for example, in Sudan and also now recently, climate change-induced natural disasters.” Closer to home, we saw how day zero nearly caused an apocalypse in Cape Town. And it didn’t help that about half the world’s media came to soak up all the drama. Cape Town was spared by rain just in time…

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