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The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse

Climate Apocalypse

New Release – ENN- The Four Horseman of the Climate Apocalypse This week Jason Sole discusses the following topics: Corals die as local weather and climate change collide in the South China Sea – https://phys.org/news/2017-03-corals-die-global-collides-local.html Planting native vegetation for productive crops – Should be changed to science confirms organic and permaculture standard ...

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Time for Revolution

In this episode Jason Sole talks about how the banks are in fact becoming an outdated monetary establishment. The very way that a bank works is becoming very out dated. The North Dakota pipeline access project is a perfect example of where a big oil company is trying to trample ...

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Mother Channel – www.motherchannel.com - ENN JAY 22 MAY 2016

In this fabulous episode from the Environmental news network we are looking at more news that actually matters. First of all Jason tells us about malaria and the epidemic within Africa. The issue of malaria is not just an issue in Africa because it does exist in other countries. There ...

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