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Dolphins in Noordhoek Bay

Dolphins in Noordhoek Bay Amazing drone footage by Gavin Allderman shows a breathtaking view of dolphins on the run in Noordhoek Bay Cape Town South Africa. Truly a once off event, how lucky we are to have footage like this. Am really looking forward to his future work.

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Sir David Attenborough – The amazing Lyrebird

This is really amazing. The vocal ranges of this bird are mind blowing. Its really short 2.54min but is well worth a watch. How fortunate we are to have a man like Attenborough, unmasking some of nature’s true mysteries. Link below gives you a Wiki write up on the Lyrebird: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyrebird

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“Awareness and Lifestyles” ~ Respect for..my Home, Planet and All forms of Life!

In this COP 22 Presentation, Marrakech, Ms Sonja Ohlsson (International Coordinator for Brahma Kumaris Environmental Initiative), and acting moderator for the conference introduces members of the panel from Brahma Kumaris and German Ministry of Environment, who present and discuss on the ‘Role of Ethics and Awareness in Climate Change Solutions’. ...

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