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COP 21 – Coastal Ecosystems – Mangrove Swamps – Philippines

The University of Earth presents the Urgent Action Series: COP21 and CMP11, Paris 2015: Coastal Ecosystems (Mangrove Swamps in Philippines) and their role in climate change mitigation and alleviating poverty.

This video we hear about how the natural infrastructure of the Philippines is being damaged and lost. The central part of the Philippines is losing its wetlands at a rapid rate. There have been massive impacts on the poorest communities and that have resulted from the loss of the coastal wetlands. It’s been proven that the wetlands provide a foundation for building resilience to climate change. The wetlands can help food security and other massive benefits to society and we are losing them at a rate of 2% a year. This is a massive loss and a big deal.

As we lose the wetlands we also lose the capacity to provide resilience to climate change adaptation along with suffering the emissions. The big question is can we use the carbon systems as a way of motivation the adaptation of the wetlands and help to conserve them? Can we use this climate incentive mechanism to help with adaptation and beyond well we will have to wait and see.  How to incorporate mangrove systems into the national forestry inventories and beyond is a pivotal question. Coastal ecosystems have been included in global mitigations to climate change.

There has been a large increase in the number of small scale projects  that are applying for carbon market based funding which is a brilliant sign as businesses and entrepreneurs wake up and realise its potential.

Links: http://www.denr.gov.ph/news-and-features/latest-news/52-mangrove-forests.html , http://www.bohol-philippines.com/mangrove-forests.html

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