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COP 21 – Indonesian Peatland Ecosystem Restoration

The University of Earth: Urgent Action Series: COP21: Paris 2015: Riau Ecosystem Restoration, Indonesia

4 Points are discussed:

  1. Land is the most precious resource that we have, and we need to understand how to use it wisely.
  2. We need a new dialogue around how development occurs and how conservation or the environment occurs. We have to find a way to balance environmental needs and development needs. They can’t be in conflict.
  3. Restoration is one of the most important strategies that the world can now deploy to address the needs of both development and the environment.
  4. To underpin all of that, we need new innovative partnerships. We need new approaches because we don’t have all the solution today.
    Single sector solutions are unlikely to address the full diversity of challenges that we face.

Land as the most precious resource:

We rely on the land for a vast majority of food production. As population and wealth increases around the world, food security is a top priority for governments around the world, particularly for rural people. Our land is also what we need for the production of timber products. All the paper in this room comes from trees for which we rely on our land. Understanding how we can optimise our land, how we can have production yet still protect the biodiversity of our lands

We have to find a new way of balancing environmental needs and development needs.

We new a new dialogue on the ways of integrating the needs of people, particularly people in rapidly emerging markets.

One of the most important strategies that we need to start deploying at scale, is restoration.


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