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The Ozone Hole

Mother Channel | Ozone

Rays can pass through to reach the earth’s surface. The Ozone is a layer that protects the earth from UV rays however the layer is reducing because of harmful gases. CFS’s are the harful gases and they have destroyed the ozone layer, as can be seen in the maps in ...

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Air Pollution

Mother channel | Air Pollution

Air pollution. Something we have all heard about, but how devastating are the effects? the effects of air pollution are far reaching and some obvious. It goes without saying that air pollution is not a good thing. You can notice the difference in the clarity of the air when coming ...

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Cop23 WMO signs cooperation agreement with UN Climate Change

MOTHER CHANNEL | Cop23 WMO signs cooperation agreement with UN Climate Change

This panel features the WMO signing the corporation agreement with the UN climate change also featuring Mrs Patricia Espinosa UNFCCC executive secretary and WMO secretary general Petteri Taalas and hosted by Nick Nuttall. The panel will discuss the new and important findings with the world meteorological organisation so that they ...

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Scripps Oceanography – CO2 Increase

Mother Channel | COP23 |Scripps Oceanography - CO2 Increase

This video gives you a brief explanation of the “Keeling’s curve” and how it came about.  The Keeling Curve is a graph that plots the ongoing change in concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere since the 1950s. It is based on continuous measurements taken at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii ...

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