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Faces of Climate Change

This is a climate emergency. It affects everyone. How will we face the future? We will face it together. No matter who we are, where we are from, or how grown up we are. The climate crisis has many faces, but you don’t have to face it alone. The actions ...

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Microbes with Akim Riemer – Part 2

Here we have Boschveld Hens. They run completely on a vegetarian diet which in one sense is quite interesting because they are not vegetarian, they are omnivores, they do need protein. For those who know a little bit about hens, you will be able to judge quite quickly whether they ...

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Microbes with Akim Riemer – Part 1

My name is Akim Riemer, I’m the General from the Green Gorilla’s and I classify myself as a soil nerd. I get very excited about soil and my focus is on producing a soil that I would regard as a forest floor soil, which means that you would have everything ...

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Spekboom Rehabilitation Project

We are at the Kokskei Mountains in the Karoo, at a farm called “Welgevonden”, which has been in the Rudman family for the past 200 odd years, and during that time the farm has been overgrazed, mainly by sheep and goat farming, which is more conducive to the type of ...

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Feminine Africa Voices – Megan

Feminine Africa Voices | Megan

Feminine Africa Voices: Megan Hardy | Mother and Natural Medicant | So I’m the mom to a very beautiful little boy named Joshua Gabriel and he is teaching me many things in this life. He is autistic and non-verbal at the moment. He’s five and a half and he’s a ...

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Feminine Africa Voices – Jax

Feminine Africa Voices | Jax

Feminine Africa Voices: Jacqueline Cupido | Social Just Activist | Woman and Children | I work with women and children specifically in my community, and my reason for that is that our community is plagued with a lot of social ills. So something like rape is something normal in our ...

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Feminine Africa Voices – Thania

Africa Feminine Voices | Thania

Feminine Africa Voices: Thania Sgwentu | Mother and Law Student | This is a topic we discuss often amongst our peers, my brothers, siblings and friends, and what we have concluded and what I believe I have concluded is that there is an air of women wanting to have equal ...

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Feminine Africa Voices – Melite

Africa Feminine Voices | Melite

Feminine Africa Voices: Melite Vivier | Film Producer Look, it’s really easy to trick us if we are really not careful, so it comes down to my answer and remedy for everything. When I feel that a country is suffering, I believe that education is the answer. Even in South ...

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