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John, just recently, there’s been a lot of conflict caused by a lack of trust that has emerged against the medical world who recommended vaccines, which have since been found out to be deadly, and causing mayhem elsewhere. And they’ve now also found out that there has been incentives to doctors to actually insist on the vaccine or try and promote the vaccine because they’ve been given money for it. So a lot of people now are trying to turn away from the normal forms of medical medicine. And a first one, I’d like to know whether you think there’s anything of the whole medical world that you think we should retain? And second of all, I’d like you to tell me whatever you think we should do, that could replace it. Because we do have to do something, I mean, obviously, if somebody’s leg gets broken or something, you will go to a person who can deal with it. But for the other things, how do you feel about us abandoning the world of allopathy? I came across an interesting, you know, this issue, as I say, has is bubbling away. And, as you said, the scepticism, at least, of the current state of the medical profession. And people are asking a lot of questions about it. And there was an extraordinary as an Indian doctor, Dr. Sunil Das, who actually did a beautiful little presentation, where he reread the Hippocratic Oath. And it was an extraordinary little presentation, because this, if you think about it, goes right back 1000s of years, to the property on who’s considered the sort of founder of medicine, and in a sense, the founder of a more scientific approach to medicine. And yet those ethics and I remember them well. When I met someone called Dr. girlfriend in Zimbabwe, who was studying African medicine, just how those ethics are extremely important to you. He’s introducing an ethical element. And, you know, there are really fundamental, and that is what has become eroded. In much contemporary in our sort of technocratic society. They’ve just vanished. So the example you’ve given is exactly that is an abandonment of that Hippocratic Oath.What does the Hippocratic Oath engender? Primarily?

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