Who is not a slave? None of you. So I don’t need to talk about slavery, because you’re breaking through from slavery. Who is owned by the government? None of us. So we have all been broken free from government bondage. Is there anybody who knows why we are called bonded? Why we are slaves. Why we are not free. In other words, I don’t have to explain the basics. I’m just going to give a very short introduction to the basics. In 1666, the Pope declared dominion and ownership of the world. And the Pope since then appointed all the Kings and all the others to own, to stretch his ownership via his agents. The banking system and everything are under his control. We don’t know about that always, but that is a fact of life. If you are born and you get your child baptized or not baptized or taken up in any of the religions, Moslem or whatever it is, becomes ownership to the Pope. Unless you declare that child as a flesh and blood living soul, that is not lost at sea. Maritime law. If you get birth, it is like a ship that gets birthed, and the contents of the ship…

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