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Please join me living in times of turmoil, where a lot of things that used to be considered to be true, in fact, almost nowhere to turn where you can still find is true that has maintained itself. By now being disproven completely and have been found to be part of their scam. It begs a new kind of thinking and thinking which has to reinvent a whole network of what we live by, because we live by the truths that we think. Have you any ideas how we might do this? I think what you’re saying is absolutely correct. Firstly, I think if one considers what a truth is, a truth in that sense has maybe to use the word eternal, a durability to what we’re finding is a lot of the information we’ve been fed is being proved, as you’ve said, to be utterly fallacious. Perhaps you could just simply say lies a more simple word. We’ve made a whole lot of assumptions. And I think where this is captured most is in the media, you see a constant reference to that science. Now, that in itself is a contradiction in terms and if anyone is alert in their minds, there, it should be immediately alarm bells is it’s a contradiction in terms that is a definite article. Right? So it means that science is something fixed. And so that in itself, counters what actually science should be, which is a constant evolution of understanding. So that in itself is a contradiction. I think, in a sense, how you reestablish it must begin really with faith in your own perception of things. That must be fundamentally in the future back to the kind of approach that Bill Mollison put forward, for example, as permaculture advocates, is you rather look for principles, principles that are in a sense, a little bit more likely truths, you look at patterns that prevail. So already there you look, you’re beginning to get on the right path, you begin to see what patterns are prevailing. And from the beginning to derive a principle and testing your principles, to see how they endure over a period of time.

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