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John, you back in your old haunt again, this is the area that you brought it out of an old rubbish dump into a pretty productive garden in three weeks. So we feel that you probably know, the areas which have sun and the areas which have not got sun better than anybody. But there’s many factors that to be considered and choosing what to put where, and a garden. And so I’d like you to outline what they are. And then with specific reference, show us what this garden has got, what you will grow with. Okay, this where I’m standing, funnily enough, is probably the one of the most key areas they’ve been quite profound changes to the space. Yeah. Mainly the creation of these concrete, concrete beds, we can take them out. So well, I don’t think you, you’ve now got one of my approaches, you always try and do get as much for the biggest, like the biggest bang, biggest bang for your buck is the way the American expression would go. So the arrangement for a start, I am perplexed by the design, quite honestly, just especially. I don’t quite get the logic of the design, to be quite honest, in that. A couple of aspects. One is an always I think it design starts with your flow of people, your access, you know, access is something very fundamental, and very key. And it’s very rare thing, that people get good access design, to be quite honest. And that not only applies to a garden, but also to urban spaces, village spaces, communal spaces, even buildings sometimes. So that is, I think, an overriding thing. And quite frankly, I don’t, obviously what has happened, if I try and get some logic, from the space that is around me, is it was considered an entertainment area. So behind me, we have a place for Bryce, the proverbial South African entertainment is the bride. And that’s fine to in a sense, have it you know, to have a space for it. But I’m not sure that I would have used for example, here, you have, right now you can see it. Mornings, early morning, son, to my left. So actually here, if I can move a little bit just so that you get the idea. This year, I would consider and it used to be almost the best growing space. But what we see is lots of concrete, cement and rocks.

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