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We have a spring equinox day. And here we have a perfect marriage between the past and the present. And also, this is for the future ready. And this is, as you’ve just seen on the tab, the oldest oak tree in South Africa. And we are one of the oldest farms, or states here in South Africa. And really, I’m not sure that I’m inclined to say anything in light in orange, again, the ambience for this year. But as always his issues to talk about, and I kind of wonder what’s on your mind. Your auguries for the future? What kind of questions you’d like me to respond to Judy? We’ve talked about oak trees before. But actually, I don’t think we’ve ever seen such a grand specimen. This is really the most magnificent tree. And it survived that join. It has survived and you can see it struggle  for survival. And that’s partly why I’m saying I’m kind of you know, what to say? Do you think it’s in any way indicative of what we’re dealing with right now? Look, always this, the fact that this is yours and magic knowledge in itself, and it’s telling in itself. This tree is 400 years old. And there’s a strong possibility that in 400 years time, a slightly weathered version of it may still be here. I think there’ll be evidence of it. I mean, I think they would almost definitely be progeny from history. Some kinds of testimonials will be left. Certainly, this is a fantastic icon of sustainability. Oak has been revered by many cultures, and over many periods of time, you know, as a symbol, and, in fact, in Celtic myths, myths, myths, and so on. It is revered as being a incarnation of the past. And a tree that encapsulates history for very obvious reasons. What do you think it may have endured? It has endured a lot of history. A lot of ups and downs. political change, social change. The whole gambit ready. Let’s party, It’s the order of a tree. This tree was the beginning. of the emergence of the European people and their lifestyle on the continent of Africa. And now 400 years later, we are in a situation with a genocidal opportunity that might be meaning the end of any human life on Africa, or we could like the oak tree. So be here in 400 years time, in a slightly different form.

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