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What’s up very few people realise is how an urban situation has completely altered the natural flow of water. And the water cycle. We’re looking at here, we’ve got all these roofs hard surfaces, so that only a tiny proportion of the amount of water that is pouring is restored to the soil. So we dealing with the kind of freak situation anyway. So if people start capturing the water off roofs and so on, you actually diminishing the problem. Okay. But in terms of municipalities and governments, I’ve heard stories where it is an issue where, for example, example states in America, people have been prosecuted for catching their own water, right, and using it to grow food and hurt. This country also, it’s actually against the laws to catch urban environment. 18 months ago, in summer situation, there were massive floods were a whole clinical for five weeks, that was mainly caused by the runoff from all the urban development is taking place in the area, or flooding into a river bursting. Instead of a slow infiltration and flow of water into the centre of the natural systems into wells and boreholes streams, you get a massive flush first. And then because we have that problem that isn’t in this area, urbanisation and stopping people putting on surfaces thinking of that realistic thinking of that, because it’s become such an issue. For a long, long time. It’s originally stuck. But I knew water Roger Godwin told me about water rights have always been a big issue agriculturally in this country with the old idea of sluices with how long you could have accessing water. What were your hours? Because you were affecting funds downstream?

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