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The reason there’s a bunch of C02 in the atmosphere has very little to do with how much humans make. The vast majority of Methane and C02 is made by biomass that decays every year and respiration of life itself, so that’s where most of the C02 comes from. So driving cars and concrete continues quite a bit but compared to what all of the planet is generating is still a fraction. The reason why we have so much C02 and Methane in the atmosphere has less to do with the human production of it and a lot more because of human activity that is destroying the cycle of it. And so now we have destroyed 97% of arable soils on the planet to the point where they are depleted or severely depleted of Carbon – 97%. The CO2 in the atmosphere is there because it cannot be breathed back in. So in the soil itself, 10 000 Gigatons of carbon can be held in topsoils on the plant.

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