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Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

Mother Channel | Cop 23 | Limestone Calcined Clay Cement

The world’s population is set to reach 9 Billion by 2050. This will require large amounts of building materials. Normal concrete is a problem though. We need low carbon solutions. Continue watching for a solution!

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Building a Greener Tomorrow

COP 23 - Building a Greener Tomorrow

The Embassy of Switzerland in India discusses the challenge of handling the additional building space required for processing Visa’s.  The new building needed to be a state of the art “Green Building”, as well as having Swiss technology which reduces energy consumption and reduces pollution. The Swiss ambassador discusses how ...

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Cop 23: Nov 6 – 17

This video is from the Fiji cop 23 event and is a simple breakdown of what the event was due to contain along with the countries that were attending. This video reminds us of the key questions and topics that are going to be asked at the event and those ...

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In this series, ‘Recipe for Chaos’, Jason Sole introduces the investigation of soil, waterway and ocean pollution by the chemical industry in SA, including end-users, like municipalities, farms, golf courses, etc., including the ‘How To’ of pollution identification and tackling of an industry that should know better! The first step ...

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This episode is brought to you from Stellenbosch which is university town and vineyard central where people go to turn into adults from young men and women. Jason tells us about the water and soil samples he took from various areas surrounding Stellenbosch and that the report is still being ...

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Nuclear vs Renewable

Nuclear vs Renewable – A sane view Filmed for Cape Town Television (7.30pm Monday and repeated Friday 10.30am) and released here on Mother Channel. Jason Sole provides a thought provoking mind experiment on what could be termed the evolution of electricity generation and an urgent need for sanity when deciding ...

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