In this video we hear about energy efficiency from Hafid Boutaleb who works for the energy efficiency magazine. Moving into the future it is essential to adopt the most energy efficient techniques for living and the energy efficiency magazine will provide case studies from the ground upwards. Moreover the TEC (technological executive committee) will feature in the magazine and they are related to the organisation that organises the Cop23 events.

In addition within the video we shall hear from Mr “Prince good luck Obi” from the United Nations of Youth. The organisation he represents has been doing a lot of grass roots work with regards to educating the young about the importance of climate change. There has been a project started by the United Nations of Youth that involves interaction in secondary schools and other places where youth can be accessed in order to “catch them young (CTY)” and install in the minds of the most important climate issues to get them thinking and prioritising as they age. With tasks such as getting children from local schools to go to a tree planting club and tangibly add something back to the environment which is important. Mr Prince of Good luck learns about how the sea will be starved of oxygen in the future and commits to going on to the mother channel website.

In addition we hear from an organisation called The Nubian Vault who creates a solution for West Africans to get access to sustainable housing. The organisation wants to encourage the awareness of simple systems that provide change in the housing system. The Nubian vault is a very old building technique that has resurfaced as a solution to deforestations impact on building homes. Whereas African homes used to be built with straw they can now be built using earth brick and without any support. For a 25 metre square house we can empower the African people themselves to build their own houses within 15days. This is an amazing building technique that can tangibly improve the African lives that need it most.

Most importantly the core material used in the Nubian Vault technique is mother earth itself.

In addition we hear from the Japan federation of bar associations JFBA. It is an association source of protection of fundamental human rights and of realization of social justice (Article 2, Articles of Association of JFBA). Further we hear from the LC3 group and their low carbon cement project which utilises only 30% of waste resources. Additionally we hear from the Stockholm Environment Institute who is trying to connect climate change and sustainable development in order to reach maximum efficiency. They are a global agency but base most of their work is based in 3rd world countries.

Links: https://www.nichibenren.or.jp/en/ , https://www.sei-international.org/ , https://www.lc3.ch/

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