In this video we hear from experts in their fields. To begin with we hear from Teresa Schluter PhD who works for WBGU global advisory council of the German government of global change and she talks about reports on topics of sustainability and specifically within cities. You can investigate the WBGU flagship report “Humanity on the move” which is published on their website that has a link below.

Moreover there is a pictorial book you can read as it is mostly in pictures and summarises the key concepts that the WBGU is concerned with. There is another book published by WBGU and it is in cartoon format so easily mentally digestible for young people and not too heavy with wording.

We also hear from Ziad Abu-Ghararah the secretary general of PERSGA which is an intergovernmental organisation dedicated for the conservation of the marine environment and Gulf Sea. PERSGA is working with ecosystem based adaptation so that the marine ecosystem can help with the marine climate change.

We also hear from Felix Finkbeiner from the “Plant for the Planet” group and their ultimate goal is to convince the world to plant 1trillion trees. According to Felix if we can plant this many trees it will swallow a quarter of all human made carbon emissions. The group has managed to get children in 56 countries to get tree planting. As is a very simple but effective way to combat climate change and really get nature working for us in the way it should.

If you take just one thing from this article then remember that we still have a long way to go with climate improvement but there are many agencies all over the world that are combating it. The power to improve or destroy the earth is in our hands. So let’s make the right choice.


http://www.persga.org/ , http://www.wbgu.de/ , https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/en/home

By Alex Mitchison

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