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Ocean’s in Crisis: Dr. C. Turley, Mr J. Manning & Dr. S. Chavanich

This video see’s part two of the discussion about the Ocenas in crisis. Featuring speakers from Dr. C. Turley, Mr J. Manning & Dr. S. Chavanich we see the panel discuss topics such as informing countries of the UNFCCC process with regards to controlling oxygen and sea levels.

Dr C. Turley tells us about how to spread the knowledge from the UNFCCC and building capacity and instrumentation. She says that as an organisation they need to scaled down and create some sort of simplified education package that can be handed around to the other nations of the world that need it. She believes that the organisation itself has all of the powers needed and all of the knowledge that’s necessary to really provide long lasting help to the other nations.

Mr J.Manning believes that the energy around oceans and science and actions are building and the optimism is growing with regards to real progress. Mr Manning added that Fiji is being a good leader by hosting the event and is setting a great example. In addition Mr Manning thinks different countries are showing positive signs of coming together putting aside any other discrepancies they may have to unite for the unified goal of tackling climate change.

Dr V Ryabinin tells us that the networks behind the topics are improving such as the global ocean acidification observing network (link below) and support for their cause is increasing at a rapid rate which is brilliant news. Moreover Dr V Ryabini thinks that the communication of science needs to be developed and made clearer for all to understand such as the proposal for education about ocean science and sustainable development. He reminds us that Ocean science is the shortcut to sustainable development.

Finally Dr Ryabini tells us how important the conversion from knowledge into action is because all of the theory in the world is completely useless when it remains theory and it is not converted into action.

The video from 07:38 features our very own Judy Sole who asks some very important questions to the panel regarding aquifers. In an efficient manor Judy manages to squeeze in some excellent questions in fact two of them. Her question is answered by Mr P Williamson from the UEA in England but Judy does not quite get enough information regarding her detailed questions.

This video is worth a watch.


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