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Feminine Africa Voices – Megan

Feminine Africa Voices: Megan Hardy | Mother and Natural Medicant |

So I’m the mom to a very beautiful little boy named Joshua Gabriel and he is teaching me many things in this life. He is autistic and non-verbal at the moment. He’s five and a half and he’s a real sunshine. He’s a beautiful child, expressive in many ways but he just doesn’t speak, and in the last three years, two years, we’ve been exploring many things, ways of how to help him and just support him in this experience, in this journey, and it’s very much a part of my own journey, and I’m learning more and more about the deep importance of the symbiotic relationship between a child and a mother, and how they reflect each other and how they grow with each other. So when I look at the things that I have been learning around the gut-brain connection and the influences of environmental toxins, heavy metals, as well as energetic influences, and looking at ways of how to help him in his being. It ties in with many of the things that I have explored in my life, many different modalities from astrology to imaginable psychology to crystals to oils. So there are many things that I have always been interested in and have explored and I think at the moment, a lot of my focus or my  attention is given to my son and his journey, and how to understand more about the tools that we have at hand, that we can learn from and that we can create more health and well being from. So, the other sought of side to this journey, so there’s sought of my son and the work and the things that I’m learning in relation to him, is my fascination with human consciousness…

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