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Feminine Africa Voices: Jacqueline Cupido | Social Just Activist | Woman and Children |

I work with women and children specifically in my community, and my reason for that is that our community is plagued with a lot of social ills. So something like rape is something normal in our community. Something like murder is something normal in our community. And for me growing up and being a root coming from that place, I was exposed to other stuff, other communities, different opinions of people and stuff. So that also encouraged me to give back and to also encourage my community, especially the children, because our children are our future. So to kind of, not rewrite what is in their minds, but show them there are other avenues to what they are used to or what they are taught. I want them to step into their game, and to change the game. Change the game of the social ills, change the game of the sadness, the brokenness, the part that you feel you are worth nothing because everybody is worth something. Like you were created for a purpose also, so dispite situations or circumstances, we are born into sometimes. I think that actually just motivates you and is part of what makes you who you are as a person. So instead of using that to break you down, use the stones to build yourself up. That is what I like to always think about, and everybody goes through a lot of mad s*** in their lives, it get’s really crazy at times, but as women, we should be standing with each other. We should be encouraging each other. We should be loving each other, like going the extra mile to build each other up, to kind of understand where we are coming from as women…

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