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Feminine Africa Voices – Thania

Feminine Africa Voices: Thania Sgwentu | Mother and Law Student |

This is a topic we discuss often amongst our peers, my brothers, siblings and friends, and what we have concluded and what I believe I have concluded is that there is an air of women wanting to have equal rights, and within that statement brings the flaw that we see in society. We cannot have equal rights, it doesn’t make any sense naturally. You were not born equal to a man. You should not even seek to be equal to a man, because what he has is completely different to the gifts that you have. So the story of equal rights is definitely the foundation of the flaw, I believe. And many things rit off from that foundation. The way that science has interfered with birth is a huge thorn in the life that we live now. I mean, simple basic things. A mother gives birth and the baby gets removed from the mother, a minute, a couple of minutes. I video camerad my sister giving c-section. Yes, we are grateful for the gifts of medicine, but medicine needs to know it’s roll and we have allowed it to dictate. We have allowed it to dictate how we relate to our own offspring, the people that we bring through our bodies. We’ve allowed it to dictate how we feed our children. We have allowed it to dictate what we feed our children, what we put it in, what we pierce their skins with at such an early stage. The fact that your child needs to be recognised by government, the system that was imposed and enforced by another human being. You’ve allowed society to silence your voice, the voice that the creator, your creator, your baby’s creator has given to you…

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