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Feminine Africa Voices – Kym

Feminine Africa Voices: Kym Abrahams | Mother and Natural Therapist

I would say my main mission is to grow my kids in a positive free way in their living, in their spirituality, in their thinking, to be free and to be open to free thinking actually, as well, and I feel that even having a daughter, keeps me also on my toes because I am the female example in her life. I’m the Omega presence. I’m the queenly character in my daughter’s life as well as my son’s. Settings examples of, I strongly believe by, “Do unto others as you would love others to do unto you”, and even raising kids in this time to make them realise a balance of giving, but also maybe not giving too much of yourselves, but also keeping for yourself and in keeping for yourself, being able to give back in a very positive, strong and confident way, not to be shy and always just to be open to other ways of life and other cultures. And a sense of responsibility of taking care of what is so freely, once again given to us, concerning mother nature, the oceans, the mountains, the birds, the bees. And just to really give back to Mother Earth. That’s what I also really strongly try and put on my kids – to always be thankful and to always carry gratitude in your heart for every little thing that you have. For rising up on a new day, that our creator, we follow the Rastafara way of life, so always just to be mindful and thankful that our creator has blessed us a new day, a brand new day, every day is brand new. And I have also realised in being a mom that ourselves are our own limits actually, that no one puts a limit on ourselves…

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