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Feminine Africa Voices – Albertina

Feminine Africa Voices: Albertina Ngqame | Community Activist | Educator and Organic Grower

The children are neglected. The children, they lose hope, even from parents, even from the street. Now, what I’m trying to do, to say today, we need to work together. Your child is my child. We have to help each other, because, to take a child to prison, or anyone to prison is not a solution. We need to do something in the community so that you can build it up and each other up. Because what is happening and I do understand that there is a challenge of poverty, but the only thing is just because, if you are alive in your mind, I think everything is fine, because you can try other ways if you don’t get a job, something you can do. Like on myself, I’m using the recycling plastic bags from Pick n Pay and Checkers and from Pep. I’m doing handbags and mats so that I can get an income for it. I’m trying to advise people that even with plastic you can do something. I came with a plan so that we can reuse plastic bags. I have learnt about organic farming. It is helping because you don’t use anything, you just recycle what you have, and secondly, you are growing healthy food because you don’t use fertilisers. You can have your own garden, you can have your own veg in your own yard. Which is very important so that you can have vegetables every time in your house.

We are having challenges in our community. What is happening is I think we need to try to be unified to help each other, because there are a lot of things which are happening. Now we need to support each other because the problem is…

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