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Feminine Africa Voices – Kate

Feminine Africa Voices: Kate Ferguson | Anthropologist

My background is in social and cultural anthropology and I worked for three and a half years with the San bushman people in the Northern Cape in community-based conflict resolution and alternative dispute resolution which is very much the foundation of any work I now do because it sets and incredible tone, spiritually, culturally, intellectually in relation to humanity. I am also an ambassador and facilitator for the Global Eco-Village Network, which is a network of communities and villages and projects and organisations that are doing beautiful work for regenerating life on this planet. Human life, non-human life, bringing in sustainability practices and regeneration practices and whole systems design which is when you are integrating culture, economy, ecology, social and whole systems designing in creating anything from a project to a community. So that’s an absolute blessing and an honor to represent that. I’ve done my training in Auroville, India, which is one of my homes on this blue-green planet. Intentional community, they celebrated their 50 year birthday last year, and it’s just a ray of light on this planet. It’s a place on this planet that people will need, that humanity needs right now and will need as we embark on this journey together. The very pure and honest and sincere aspiration for human unity and the evolution of consciousness which is inevitable in a way, it’s an inevitability and for that to be the priority and to take steps every day towards that and within that, that’s an aspiration you can work with because it’s real, so I would say that is the kind of why it’s succeeding and the substance of people who have arrived there in that space, who pioneered to create it from India and from the entire world. They are magic makers…

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