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Feminine Africa Voices: Bulelwa Fesi | Mother

What is happening currently is not good for our children. If you look at the schools, there’s no respect for teachers and that respect goes a long way, because if you look at the kids of today, tomorrow they are going to be parents as well. They will be facing the same problems when they get to our age. Pity that they never experienced the life that we experienced when we grew up. Last week I was watching a video that was trending on social media where kids outside a school, they were fighting amongst each other, carrying knives. It made me so sad. Some of them are coming from good families, but when they are outside their families, they misbehave. Their parents were not brought up like that from their families. If you look at the teachers of today, how they are struggling at schools with the children of today, there are no manners, they were not brought up like that. We took our teachers as parents. We respected them. I so wish that especially our girls, can learn from the elders on how they behave. Even us as parents, especially mothers, we need to have more of these platforms where we talk about the experiences that we learn from our kids, from our mothers.

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