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Cop23 WMO signs cooperation agreement with UN Climate Change

This panel features the WMO signing the corporation agreement with the UN climate change also featuring Mrs Patricia Espinosa UNFCCC executive secretary and WMO secretary general Petteri Taalas and hosted by Nick Nuttall. The panel will discuss the new and important findings with the world meteorological organisation so that they can play their role even better. The signature happens live for the audience so the WMO has signed itself into the future.

As Mr Petteri Taalas informs us, we have reached the highest level of carbon dioxide in the past 3million years which is a ridiculous statistic and one which must wake up global economies. He adds that we have also seen the highest annual growth rate in records of methane which is also very harmful. 2017 has been recorded as one of the hottest years on record and this is a trend we desperately need to end as it clearly shows global warming is still happening. Along with that fact there has been a lot of ice melting in Greenland and in Iceland which is having catastrophic effects globally and will be raising the sea levels/gulf stream.

Moreover the arctic sea ice has been melted by 70% along with the Ant arctic. This combined with the forest fires that were seen in California and Europe have been devastating to human life but this is going to be something we will see more of in the future as we continue to heat up the planet globally.

The sea water is getting more acid and it is having massively detrimental impacts on the sea ecosystems which have been catastrophic. The IMF says that the economic impact of one degree’s warmth will have detrimental effects on African countries, oceanic, Latin American and south Asian countries.

If you take India for example, a country where people live in incredible heat already, if that  country heats up by a further5 degrees the impact on health will be immense.



By Alex Mitchison

Links: http://unfccc.int/2860.php


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