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Wave Chasers

With a team of six scientists, engineers, and PhD students who make up his Wave Chasers group, Alford travels to undersea hot spots—areas around the globe with strong tidal currents, where many internal waves are formed—and deploys torpedo-shaped instruments to the ocean floor, where they are able to record the size, speed, and temperature of the waves. The team’s next stop is the Arctic, where Alford believes strong winds are stirring up undersea turbulence. “The ice is steadily retreating, so more wind is blowing off into the ocean, which means more internal waves are forming,” he says.

This video is an interesting one. The biggest waves that mankind knows about exist in fact below the sea and not actually above ground. For example there is one part of the ocean that has an undercurrent wave that has 36times the flow rate of the entire amazon which is quite spectacular. Now with advanced technology we can measure and study the effect of the waves on climate change.

There have been many epic things that small groups of powerful people have achieved throughout lifetime from this scientific wave studying group to those who founded the American constitution. Containing a few terawatts per second the deep water ocean bed waves are a brilliant producer of energy which is literally compare to how much power we produce as a human race.

The question is where does this giant underwater wave end up and what routes do they take to get there? This group intends to find out and we support them fully on their mission.

Links: https://www.coastalliving.com/lifestyle/people/wave-chaser ,  https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/group/case-study/top-10-inventors-all-time

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