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Drone training Conservation International Suriname ENG

For nearly 30 years, Conservation International (CI) has been protecting nature for the benefit of all​.

As a company they completely realise that  human beings are totally dependent on nature and that by saving nature, we’re saving ourselves. To that end, CI is helping to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.

They intend to achieve this through science, policy, and partnerships with countries, communities and companies. Over the years, CI has helped support 1,200 protected areas and interventions across 77 countries, safeguarding more than 601 million hectares of land, marine and coastal areas.​​

Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature. The very economies we are all a part of are in some way reliant upon the use of nature. By the use of drone monitoring, Conservation international is really empowering forest wardens take charge of the forests and thus go about their jobs with massive improvement. Whereas before drone technology was the rangers were really stuck to their feet and vehicles, now with the aid of the eye in the sky they can cover areas much larger and with far less man power.

Firstly Wardens will be trained with the use of the drones from the land and then lastly they can be guided with making action plans for monitoring the footage. Moreover there will be other usages for training the wardens with drones like the mapping of areas of interest just to name one. In addition there will be other usages  such as spotting new animas and new flowers that the wardens perhaps didn’t before manage to see as well, with the help of drone technology this is totally transformed.

When small gold mines existed before, it was very hard to track them down but now they can be spotted early by the wardens and then they can quickly inform the commission gold sector reform. Moreover when new species of plant are found they can inform the research department of the ministry. The project is completely financed by the friends of green Suriname (link below) and they have proven with the use of their drone footage how they can actively support and manage the task of nature preservation.

This project alone exemplifies how beautifully you can combine advancements in  technology and pair that with green initiatives. Best of luck for the future of Conservation international.

Links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Els4pryFGnQ , https://www.conservation.org/about/Pages/default.aspx  , https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Green-Suriname-698924216868100/


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