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Scripps Oceanography Intro

This is a quick introduction to the Scripps institution of Oceanography in UC San Diego.

The institution cares massively about marine life and how to preserve and measure it. There are many qualified scientists on board including physical oceanographers, Marine biologists, meteorologists, seismologists, marine ecologists, paleo biologists, chemical oceanographers, geophysicists and a whole lot more the team at Scripps institution is fully prepared for scientific research which will in turn help us all.

The mission is to understand how the ocean works and how marine creatures live. Moreover with the study’s conducted we can understand the ocean life and how to prevent natural disasters or at least predict them.

If you are considering a career in any of the marine niche’s then think Scripps because they are at the forefront of the game and constantly evolving the way they work.

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI’s) philosophy emphasizes the creation of basic knowledge in the biosciences for its application in medicine, the pursuit of fundamental scientific advances through interdisciplinary programs and collaborations, and the education and training of researchers preparing to meet the scientific challenges of the future.

Links: https://www.scripps.edu/ ,

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