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The building blocks of health. So basically, the air we breath – we will only survive a short amount of time without breathing. So basically, if you want to be healthy, you need good oxygen, you need to be able to breath properly, you need to exercise properly. It needs to be oxygen rich air. So in winter, why do most people get ill in winter more than summer? What happens? It’s cold, we’re not going outside. You’re not getting enough sunshine, you’re not getting enough oxygen because you close your window’s. It’s cold air. Now there is no fresh air circulating. You’re not getting enough oxygen. You’re also cold and don’t want to go outside so you just sit. Not getting the blood flowing.

We’re just going to touch on ionisation as well. Here we are lucky. We are by the ocean, we are by the coast. So the beautiful ocean out there makes the air negatively charged.

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