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So it’s been a journey for me and I will give you a brief introduction about myself. Natural healing has always been a passion of mine, that really began when I started getting a few medical issues myself. These issues were basically things that the medical profession told me, “Sorry, we can’t help you, so there’s nothing we can do.” There were a few medical issues and I decided that I can heal myself. And I proved it. I got it right and I’m still here today.

So when one is given these challenges in life, and you are then forced to deal with them, you kind of land up experimenting on yourself. And so a lot of my natural healing knowledge has actually been experimentation on this guy here. So some of it works and some of it doesn’t. You land up learning a lot. Through that process, it became a huge passion of mine, so I would spend every day of my life, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour, researching, studying, reading about natural healing and nutrition. How to heal yourself. And I do also have a good background from my parents. My mother and father were also very alternative…

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