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Dr Rashid Butthar

I have a very fond memory of South Africa. I almost moved to South Africa about 4 or 5 years ago, but I decided to go to New Zealand instead, and thank god I am not in New Zealand right now because that is probably the worst place on the planet to be right now. And of course, New Zealand doesn’t even realize it right now. They are happy because they are unaware that past laws, unbeknownst to the public, that prevents the average citizen from growing their own food. They’ve got convescation of land now occurring, and I’m a permanent resident of New Zealand. Right now, I am in Spain. I just finished the World Health Forum Conference. At that conference, there were certain things that were discussed. What was interesting was that while I was at that conference, in Barcelona, there was a judge who came from Italy. And he’s a judge that apparently in the Hispanic community and the Latin community, especially South America, he’s very well known. I do not know who he was, but he knew who I was and we had some long discussions. He brought up a couple of points that were very interesting…

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