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Jadd’s Story, a voice for the Children

A film about a mother’s personal journey with her son that has suffered 30 years of debilitating pain and discomfort from severe vaccine damage. Jadd’s story will finally be heard and hopefully will give many parents the opportunity to make an informed choice with respect to what they allow to be put into their children’s bodies.

“My name is Adie Shub and I am so delighted to be at this moment in time to tell the story of my son Jadd, who has sacrificed so much of his life to come in this time frame, in the here and now, where it is such an important subject to talk about and this is about vaccine damage.

Many years ago I always wanted to have children. It was something that I felt was something very important. It felt almost as if I was waiting for the time where I could allow myself to be fully in as a nurturer, as a mother.

Jadd was born perfectly healthy, and then the fatal day came where it was time for his vaccines. So I went to a little clinic to start the vaccine process. Little did I know what was about to happen…”

Reach out to Adie Shub: adrienneshub@gmail.com

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