At the time of this video 83% of puerto rico had zero electricity. St croix in the virgin islands had a disastrous environmental effects as well. The unpredictability of climate change has created so much damage over the recent years. In America there was $350 billion in losses and that was from hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria alone. The risk of hurricanes that have immense damaging potential has increased tenfold. The likeliness of hurricane sandy reaching New York has gone from 1/500 to 1/5 in 150 years which is a massive increase. Moreover there are record high precipitations events occurring globally that are complete anomalies.

With regards to the future and the climate it looks like the motto is to expect the unexpected. As we humans have multiplied in such force it has created such strain on the environment and a gradual deterioration of how we normally expect the climate to behave. Storms, hurricanes, twisters, extreme snow and rain and for shorter periods of time will be what happens more and more in the future. As Kevin Trenberth (from the U.S National centre for atmospheric research) said “global warming is contributing to an increased incidence of extreme weather because the environment in which all storms form has changed because of humans” and this is a depressing fact of life.

Sadly for Africa the situation isn’t looking great “as of November 2017, eight African and middle eastern countries are approaching famine and 30million people are nearing starvation. It is the first time in recent memory that so many large scale hunger crisis have occurred simultaneously”. The world is changing at a rapid rate and we must as the people wake up and realise it. Certain countries on earth are becoming unliveable. The amount of displaced people who literally have nowhere to live is becoming even more of a burden to developed countries including those where the refugees choose to go.

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