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Cop 23 Archbishop Seraphim on people’s effect on the planet

Seraphim born Vissarion Tikas was Archbishop of Athens and All Greece from 1974 to 1998. He was born in Artesiano, a borough of Karditsa in Greece, in 1913.

In this video we hear from Archbishop Seraphim on the outlook for planet earth and he talks about various damning issues such as whether the religious predictions of the end of the word are correct. The end of the world has been something we have heard about for many years but has never happened.

However according to Sir Seraphim the Armageddon could become a reality “because nuclear weapons are a threat to mankind” and that has immense damaging potential. The bishop brings into perspective the amount of time humans have been on earth and how we have increased by 9times from less than a billion to over 9billion. The interviewer Judy Sole asks about whether the influence of religion is a positive one or a negative one when you consider that the churches have ingrained the idea that humans are above animals and nature when in reality we are equal and custodians of mother earth and nature. Sir Seraphim believes that education from a grassroots level upwards is essential so that we can teach future generations to treat mother earth with honesty and respect.

According to Sir Seraphim we can use the influences of the church to enforce “good moral and ethical responsibilities to improve earth and society as a whole” and this is something that has been happening. Moreover the church talks about the influence of the church and how it can promote positive and proactive information such as whether you are sleeping enough. Churches are one of the few institutions that can reach millions of people at a moment in their lives where they are listening and attentive.

With the power and influence of religion and of course education in general, we can change people’s attitudes towards the climate and earth and develop and nurture them to be the green citizens we need them to be.

Links: https://www.newsecuritybeat.org/2011/10/seven-ways-seven-billion-people-affect-the-planet/



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