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Al Gore presents the answer to whether and why we have to change at the COP23 conference in Bonn.  We have to win this in time to stop the damage which will take away the future of children and ourselves

Temperatures in large parts of the world are getting too hot and large parts of North Africa and the Middle East may soon be inhabitable. Temperatures of up to 74 degrees Centigrade have been measured. This will have an impact on the number of people having to emigrate.

The storms that recently hit the US dumped as much water that goes over Niagara Falls in 532 days in 4 days. This is because the heating depth of the sea was such that the cooler water that normally gets pulled up into the hurricanes and lowers their intensity did not happen because even the deeper water was warm.

The islands were hit very hard.  And are still without electricity and water.The 3 storms that hit the US cost over $350 BillionStorms that used to occur every 500 years are now occurring every 25 years. We have to change.  2017 would be off the charts.  4000 of people died in floods at the same time in Asia.

All storms are different now because there is more energy in the atmosphere now 5% more water vapor due to the increased heat. We now get atmospheric rivers.

The rain falls like a bomb and causes a lot of damage.1.5 meters of hail dropped in 15 minutes – a hail bomb. People had to be dug out. 34 cm rain fell in 24 hours in the UK the highest ever recorded and pubs stayed open.

The droughts Are intensifying and spreading. The USA is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945 with starvation facing many due to the drought.

Fires that are the worst ij the history of California broke out and the air pollution was so bad people had to move their children out.

In Russia 55 000 died in fires and so much had burned that Russia stopped exporting grain. In Syria, the worst drought in the history of the country drove

India has put up the biggest fence in order to prevent climate refugees. There are predicted that at least 1 billion people will become climate refugees.

Animals and plants are moving at an average rate of 4.5 meters per day.

We are at risk of losing up to 50% of the species. Biologists are saying this will be the worst problem of the climate changes.

1600 000 into the cities and civil war broke out soon after.

Climate change is a medical emergency. Heat vector insects, atmospheric pollution, Medics are saying they never see pink lungs anymore even in the youngest patients. Air pollution is the leading cause of deaths today.

The glaciers are literally exploding. They are collapsing in real time. This will cause sea level rise which will risk Miami, New York

The cost of carbon is far too high. There is 3 trillion dollars worth of carbon assets which must not be burned.

Yet governments are giving legal support to fossil fuels 35 times more than renewables and subsidizing oil . the taxpayer is paying for the death of civilization.

We have to change.

The wind has exceeded expectations of power by 16X. In Australia solar is cheaper than any other.  Globally wind could support 40 times more than the whole world uses.

A growing number of US cities are committed to 100% renewable. Chile, Ethiopia, Morocco tuning up for all renewables. Norway and Netherlands phasing out fossil fuel. By 2025 and 2030. India, China, Scotland Germany and Britain.

General Motors said the future is all electric. Coal use is plummeting. The US has canceled plans for coal plants. ¾ of new power plants were solar and wind.

Every single nation in the world is agreeing to the Paris agreement.

The Even US will meet its commitments regardless of who occupies the White House. China and India are on track to overachieve its global commitments.

The leadership and grassroots activism are essential. But we are close to the tipping moment and so must move fast.

After the final no comes a yes and on that yes the future of the world depends.

The US warns of food and water shortages, refugees and disease.

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