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COP 23

Ocean’s in Crisis: Dr. V. Ryabinin

Mother Channel | Oceans in Crisis: Dr V Ryabinin

This video is with Dr Ryabinin and talks about the blue carbon initiative. We have speaker Dr MS Copertino talking with us and she says how Brazilian soil has far more carbon than Amazonian soil. We hear about why the blue carbon initiative is important. When protected or restored, blue ...

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COP 23 DAY 12 The Story of Carol González

Mother CHannel | COP 23 DAY 12 The Story of Carol Gonzalez

Who will stop ‘this madness’ of climate change, ‘if not us, then who, if not now, then when?’Yeb Sano From our territories in the Amazon, Mesoamerica, Asia and Africa we fight to protect tropical forests threatened by illegal logging and mining, oil extraction, land invasion, drug traffic, monoculture, construction of ...

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Mother Channel | COP 23 ALGORE

Al Gore presents the answer to whether and why we have to change at the COP23 conference in Bonn.  We have to win this in time to stop the damage which will take away the future of children and ourselves Temperatures in large parts of the world are getting too ...

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Jerry Brown the American politician is talking about how far we have progressed with regards to climate change. He talks about how friendship, belief and other important human needs will speed up climate change. Jerry brown talks about how the world has changed in recent years for example oil and ...

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COP 23 Bonn Fiji Bainimarama & Schwarzenegger

MOTHER CHANNEL | COP 23 Bonn Fiji Bainimarama Schwarzenegger

Master of Ceremony: Cathy Oke Councilor, Melbourne, Australia, ICLEI Global Executive Committee MemberSpeakers: Frank Bainimarama Prime Minister, Republic of Fiji, COP23 President Arnold Schwarzenegger R20 Founding Chair Bonn Fiji Commitment Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji and COP23 President, underscored subnational power: “We can draw from the power and enthusiasm ...

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