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Air Quality and Climate Change in the Arabian Basin

This video shows you what the end result can be when institutions that really care about air quality team up for a mission together. The mission was to examine air quality and its effect on public health, climate and natural environment.

The cruise was 10 weeks long and followed a beautiful route from the southern of France across the Mediterranean and through the Suez Canal to Kuwait and back.

During the voyage the team discovered many interesting things and even witnessed some wonderful natural occurrences. High swell in the Indian Ocean, smoke and ash from the active Stromboli volcano and major dust events in the red sea. Moreover the team witnessed thick red sunsets from dust concentrations in the Persian Gulf. Dust that occurs from oil production was noticeably changing the clouds and climate. The effects of climate change are ever more visible but we must remember we do have the power to make them less visible by our behaviour and choices.

What remains constant is the fact that we need to empower research teams like this and maintain investment for them so that they can continue to discover the changing nature of the climate. Another discovery was that aerosols are transported all over the globe on the order of days to weeks.   The expedition enabled researchers to study rare atmospheric particles in a previously inaccessible region of the world.

Finally we will leave you with the values of conservation international and what they believe in:

Passion – We are passionate about nature and cherish the diversity of life from the sea bottoms to the mountain peaks.

Respect – We respect and trust each other, and we embrace the diversity of our cultures, talents, and experiences.

Integrity – We make every decision with integrity and are accountable for the choices we make.

Optimism – We are optimistic that life on Earth can be preserved and that with our partners we will witness unprecedented successes in conservation.

Courage – We have the courage to take bold action in the face of naysayers and critics, persevere through challenging times, and pursue our vision tirelessly and with enthusiasm.

Teamwork – We rely on teamwork, recognizing that openness, collaboration and cooperation are fundamental to achieving a healthy and prosperous world for all.

Links: http://www.motherchannel.com/air-quality-climate-change-arabian-basin/ ,

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